Consultant Fee Schedule

The HomeStyle AND FHA 203K Consultant fee will be paid in full by you at the time you meet the them to discuss your renovation project. See below for guidance on the latest HUD approved fee schedule which is based upon the dollar amount of the rehabilitation project.

REPAIR AMOUNT                                            CONSULTANT FEE

$5,000-$7,500                                                               $400

$7,501-$15,000                                                             $500

$15,001-$30,000                                                          $600

$30,001-$50,000                                                          $700

$50,001-$75,000                                                          $800

$75,001-$100,000                                                        $900

$100,001 and up                                                           $1,000

In addition to the fee above, the Consultant typically charges +- $300 per inspection which is based upon the number of draws/disbursements that have been established and agreed upon in the Consultant report.

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